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Poem: “A war that we don’t want among us” by Ghada Al-Samman

Ghada Al-Samman (غادة السمّان‎) is a Syrian writer, journalist and novelist born in Damascus. Due to the severe Syrian humanitarian crises, it occured to me to translate some of her poems. I’m not a translator (and I don’t know if these poems have been translated previously) but I did my best to preserve the meanings and the feelings of the poems.
A  war that we don’t want among us

People’s mouths stuffed with nails,
No longer daring to reveal (even in a joke)
The hatred for the nails’ hammers,
And no longer remembering how to extract those nails
In order to curse their torturers with a voice as loud as thunder ..

The second poem: “The virtual impostor

The third poem: “Dear eternity, I want a truce of love

The original poem in Arabic:

حرب لا نريدها فيما بيننا

أفواه الناس محشوة بالمسامير،
ولم تعد تجرؤ على أن تفصح (حتى في نكتة)
عن حقدها على طارقي المسامير،
ولم تعد تذكر كيف تنتزع تلك المسامير
لتلعن جلاديها بصوت يدوي كالرعد..

Ghada Al-Samman A  war that we don't want among us

Ghada Al-Samman
A  war that we don’t want among us


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