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Quotes from “The Infinite Question” by Christopher Bollas

I translated these Interesting paragraphs from the Hebrew version of Christopher Bollas‘s book “The Infinite Question” :

“Why we ask questions: Questions are the basis of human freedom. Our mind, as a part of our  self experience, is curious and always challenging that part of us that can think about the essence of things. We interpret our lives all the time – with unconscious deep conceptualization – and these conceptualization raise questions.
Why did I feel the way I felt yesterday when I spoke with X? What is the meaning of my answer? Why I chose to spend time in X’s company and not Y’s? And how it changed my attitude toward Y?”

“Past and history are not the same. Past is what happened. It consists of events that affected the patient’s self, some of which he can remember, but the most he is having trouble remembering. History is transforming the past to a story that the person tells himself. Sometimes, the story stems from the past, but even the most sincere patient’s history is more like a myth”.

The Infinite Question by Christopher Bollas

“The Infinite Question” by Christopher Bollas



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