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Quote from “The Thread” by Victoria Hislop

The Thread” is a historical novel by the English author Victoria Hislop.

Here is a beautiful quote that I chose from the book:

“Even in this street, which to the rich might seem poor, a strong community thrived. Living cheek by jowl with each other made everyone more tolerant rather than less so.

The children all played together, Christian, Muslim and jew, Whether they were chasing each other around the nearby church or over the ruins of a synagogue, it did not matter to any of them that these were places of worship. The name of the faith they represented was even less important.

They knew there were some differences between them. ‘Why can’t you talk like us Issac?’ one of the Christian boys teased. ‘And why can’t you come out to play on Saturday?’ The Muslim boys got teased too. ‘I heard my father saying that your uncle was drunk last night!’ ‘so? My mother says that as long as he doesn’t buy Raki himself, then it’s alright!’ This was how they lived in Irini Street, with tolerance and the habitual turning of a blind eye.”

Quote from "The Thread" by Victoria Hislop

Quote from “The Thread” by Victoria Hislop



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